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Circuitcatexperience.com and Formula GT Experience offer you the possibility of driving the car of your dreams.

Purchasing in www.circuitcatexperience.com is very easy; this is how to place your order:
1.    Choose the experience that you wish.
2.    Choose the circuit.
3.    Choose the date or the mode without date (the mode without date is perfect as a present: once the client knows which date suits their schedule best, they can call and select it themselves)
4.    Press the button “buy” and follow the steps to do a bank transfer from your computer.

Validity of the Gift Cheque:

All gift cheques are valid for a year from the date of purchase, which means that the activity must be held during this period. Once the gift cheque expires, the client will have to pay 60 Euro surcharge in order to use it. By paying this fee, the client will be given an extension of three months to exchange the cheque.

Any doubts? Need advice?

Contact us by phone (93 886 44 51) during office hours: from 9:00 to 13.00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. Our team will be able to help you with any questions you may have, and will help you choose the option that best suits your needs.
You can also place your order and do the payment by bank transfer
You will receive your gift cheque by email (free of charge, immediate and safer)

Please remember that, once the purchase is complete, you will receive the gift check by email immediately, provided that the purchase has been on a working day (from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00). Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next working day to receive it.

Please note that, during our events, all of our team (including our office staff) moves to the circuits, so your gift cheque could take a bit longer to arrive if our office staff is not back yet.

Activities of Formula GT Experience

FORMULA GT Experience offers driving experiences in competition circuits and on the road, with GT vehicles, Formula Renault, Sport Prototypes or any other kind of car.

Commitment of the participants:
The participants must:
- Be of legal age.
- Have a valid driving licence.
- Have signed the Agreement of conditions.
- If the participant is a minor, and is going to take part in activities that do not require a driving license, an authorisation of their parent or legal tutor will be required.
- Respect the security rules in the circuit and the instructor’s directions.

Our rates include VAT. Formula GT Experience reserves the right to modify its rates throughout the year.
Equivalence laps / Km in our circuits
There are two types of circuit:

- Short circuit: Montmeló Escuela (1.7 Km, 1 mile).
- Long Circuit: Montmeló Nacional (3 Km, 1.8 miles).

Our rates change depending on the number of laps, by maintaining the same price and managing to match the distance in Km.

Way of counting laps:

•    1 Lap: start from the pit-lane (boxes) and back WITHOUT CROSSING THE FINISH LINE
•    2 Laps: Crossing the finish line once.
•    3 laps: crossing the finish line twice.
•    4 laps: crossing the finish line 3 times, etc.

Assignment of Image Rights of the drivers and accompanying persons:

During the Formula GT events, the clients and accompanying persons may be filmed or photographed. Such recording and photography could be used for promotional purposes in the media. The clients assign their image rights and/or the audio comments that they shall make during the recording, with the exception of any use or applications that could infringe the right to honour as set forth in the Spanish Organic Law 1/85, of 5th May, of the Civil Protection of the Right to Honour, Personal and Family Privacy and Image.


There is a period of 7 natural days from the date of purchase to cancel it. In general, any purchase exceeding that period cannot be cancelled, except in cases of force majeure proven through official documentation that keep the participant from taking part in the activity.

Postponing an order (cancellation insurance):

Any order lacking cancellation insurance must be held on the agreed date. Otherwise, as there will be no chance of modifying it, the activity will be considered as completed.
If the participant cannot attend because of force majeure proven through official documentation, they will have to contact our offices as soon as possible during working hours.

Nevertheless, the cancellation insurance allows the beneficiary to modify any of the following aspects up to a total of two times:

•    Date
•    Time
•    Circuit
•    Beneficiary

Any modifications must be requested at least 7 natural days in advance. All the changes are subject to the availability of the activities.

If the client wishes to modify the date of reservation and does not have a cancellation insurance, they will have to pay 40€ surcharge in order to do so.

Cancellation due to impossibility of execution:

Formula GT Experience reserves the right to cancel the experiences during the carrying out of the activity for a number of reasons (technical, logistical, meteorological or any reason beyond the control of the participants and organisers that could put in danger the integrity of participants and vehicles). In such a case, the organisation would provide the participants with a different date to do the activity, and no compensation will be payable for not having completed the activity on the initially agreed dated.

Extra activities and gifts:

In some of its packs, Formula GT offers their clients a series of extra activities and gifts. Such activities must be held within the timetable established by the organizers:  from 09:00h to 13:00h and from 14:00h to 17:00h. Otherwise, those activities would be lost without compensation. BOXES WILL BE CLOSED FROM 13:00H TO 13:45H FOR MANTEINANCE. Formula GT reserves the right to cancel any of all the extra activities due to a number of reasons: technical, logistical, not reaching the minimum number of participants required by the Company.


We understand that any experience started must be completed. Due to the risks related to the driving of high performance vehicles, the organizer has the right to reject the presence of a participant because of any disability incompatible with the driving, a dangerous behaviour or any other reason considered to be serious and legitimate. In the event of a serious accident with breakdown or damage in the GT, the experiences will be immediately cancelled with no refund from FORMULA GT EXPERIENCE.
In the event of dangerous driving or repeated overtaking manoeuvre, FORMULA GT EXPERIENCE may decide to end the experiences of the reckless driver, and no refund will be issued.

The participant declares being suitable and not under the influence of any kind of medical treatment that could interfere with the driving task.

Physical damage:

FORMULA GT is not to be held responsible of any physical damage that the driver or the accompanying persons could suffer during the experience, either in the premises of the circuit or with our vehicles, and no indemnity will be paid in such a case.

Damages and/or accident:

In the event of an accident caused by the client involuntarily in an experience with insurance and no deposit, the client will not have to pay for anything, as our insurance covers the damages in these cases. However, if the accident is caused by negligence of the client (for example, not paying attention to the instructor’s indications, reckless driving or overtaking), FORMULA GT will take the appropriate legal measures so that the client bears the costs of the total repair of the damages.


Our events:

Our experiences are perfect either as a present or for self enjoyment. Our team, that comes from the world of racing and has deep experience and a wide list of achievements in different championship, will give you de opportunity of making the most of this experience with total security and our fantasy cars.

Our instructors are experienced and professional staff. They all are competition drivers that have taken part in many races. They will advise you about the driving of the car and its peculiarities, and will transfer you their knowledge so that you can implement it during the drive.


You can contact our office from 9:00h to 13:00h and from 15:00h to 19:00h, our team will answer to any questions you may have, and will help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Safe payment with credit card:

Any purchase made through our website www.formulagt.es is directly executed in Caixa Penedès with a safe payment method. This way, your personal details will not be disclosed or used, which guarantees total security in online payments.

Own fleet of cars of our property:

All of the cars of our fleet belong to us. We also own three trailers to transport them that are equipped as garages, so that we can take care of the maintenance of the cars even in the circuits.

Our goal:

Bringing all sorts of people closer to the amazing world of racing and high performance cars.

Our best reward is your smile and satisfactio